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Scale Your Business, Achieve Work/Life Balance and Serve More Families

This 6 month coaching program is designed to get you implementing strategies to achieve your business goals

Your group coaching program includes…


12 Recorded Video Sessions


12 Live Webinar Sessions


Templates, Checklists and Supporting Documentation


A Dedicated, Seasoned Coach to Keep the Group accountable and moving towards your goals


Access to a private/secret Facebook Group for questions, support, group collaboration and referral networking opportunities

Our coaching clients have 110 awards on the Wall Street Journal/Real Trends Top 250 Teams by Volume & Units. They didn’t start there, it cost them more time and money to get there, but now there’s an avenue for you to scale your business and serve more families.

“My company of 2 has grown to a company of 18, plus I have grown as a manager and leader… “

I cannot say enough good things about Bubba Mills and everyone at Corcoran Coaching. When I started working with them, I was looking to branch out as a single agent and start my own company. Luckily, they know their ideal client and work only to improve teams and brokerages. Consequently, my company of 2 has grown to a company of 18, plus I have grown as a manager and leader.

Bubba Mills is progressive and strives to bring his clients the cutting edge of marketing and technology, as well as employing tried and true systems for operating an efficient company that brings value to the community. His webinars and boot camps are an invaluable resource to myself and my team. You just can’t go wrong hiring them to work with you, your team, or for any type of speaking or educational event.

In closing, the culture and principle philosophies of Bubba Mills and the Corcoran team embody everything that being a Realtor stands for. Their teachings emphasize the value of excellent customer care, truth and honest dealings, and setting the standard for which we operate very high in an effort to uphold the reputation and professionalism of our industry.

Julie Baldino, Owner, Managing Broker – Front Door Realty

“As an agent, if you haven’t met him (Bubba) or been to one of his boot camps, run, don’t walk.”

I’ve known Bubba Mills, the CEO of Corcoran Coaching & Consulting, professionally for over a decade. Working with Bubba and the other coaches while I was an Asset Manager was key in hitting all of my agent partner deliverables and KPI’s.

When we needed to mind share of a better way to do things, he was only a quick text message away for a setup call. During each master mind, Bubba consistently participated by providing key insights from his network, experience, and knowledge.

As an agent now, I’m always happy to be in proximity to wherever Bubba is. He is professional, courteous, and quite frankly… one of the few that actually cares!  If you haven’t met him or been to one of his boot camps, run don’t walk. If you’re an asset manager, having a single point of contact with local, regional, and national influence and insight is key for improving your koi’s across the board.

Bubba can forever use me as a reference point because I can speak to both levels of relevance and I’d be honored to share my thoughts about Bubba!

Louis Taylor, REALTOR – eXp Realty Virginia

For an investment of $149 per month for 6 months, you’ll be able to set your goals on growth, serve more families and increase your income.

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